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People who are longing a holiday away  from the hustle and hassles of Bodrum and Çeşme should go to the North Aegean. Here’s the most beautiful discovery of this summer: CALİDUS

What weird people ! They complain again and again about the crowds, chaos and the cost of Bodrum and Çeşme but at the first opportunity they throw themselves into the July madness of Bodrum and Çeşme.
However, there are many other possible holidays. Calmer, more simple, more compassionate. Holidays which value people, which are pampering, comforting, which make feel at the outside of the city are quite possible.
Firstly, relaxing summer holday means to us a good marine. Clean, clear, deep and  makes you feel fresh. Then , summer holiday means to us good food. It doesn’t need to be complicated, just delicious food. And lstly, it means to us silent around. Without kids. More precisely, it means following: Away from the mothers calling: ‘ Mummy! Baby! My little princess! ‘
And of course to g oto such a place, I mean you don’t have to sell your house or you don’t have to receive a bank loan.
One of the stimuli for years was Atami in Paradise Bay. But this year there were some cases that we couldn’t deal with in Paradise Bay, so we stayed in the middle. The Little Hotels book of Mutlu Tönbekici and worked again as usual:  A new place in Assos: Calidus
We hava tried a lot of places in the northern part  of Aegean. More spidery under the label of some natural, some reference is given by renowned academics and more like campus. Some are more mainstream, some are more personal, some have low energy, some are extremely enthusiastic.
I tell you very clearly, in fact, and I probably shouldn’t tell and should keep it for myself: There is no better place than Calidus.That never came to the North Aegean.
Once a beautiful invigorating sea. Calidus has a pier for anyone who wants to jump into the sea. Then, there is around 20 acres of land for thirty rooms, so anyone doesen’t touch anyone else. The buildins are made of Stones, there are hundred years old olive trees in the garden, amphoras on the grass, ancient objects, semi-antiques, swings and hammocks in the garden. And how hard they worked to build Calidus. They picked up the Stones in the sea and used them fort he garden ornements. They aspired even the porcelain door handles. Nothing is makeshift, nothing is too much, simple and tasteful touch is felt on every corner.
Meals are seriously delicious. They make great pizza at noons and dinners  are really spectacular. Pretty good restaurant food, elegant presentation. In Calidus we ate special goat cheese, smoked trout, delicious meatballs. They can be still eaten all over again.
And here’s the most crucial point: There are no children. Chidren under  the age of 12 are not allowed. So sometimes the boundries, no exposure to nerve-racking terror of child-parent relationships, there is guaranteed  tranquility. The only question is: Are the cricketsthat are squeaking the kids or the adults? 12+ or 12- ?
Nur Çintay

Perşembe, 15 Ocak 2015

Nice Things
Calidus Hotel. A paradise within olive trees, between Assos and Küçükkuyu.

Haşmet Babaoğlu

Perşembe, 15 Ocak 2015

Dear Family Calidus,

First of all, I apologize for the little delay of this thank you letter. Since we got back to İstanbul we have been in a rush and I just can find the opportunity to write to you now.

You were such a nice player of the most beautiful day of our lives as Calidus Hotel and we can never thank you enough. I knew, it was the address of my dream wedding without seeing more of Calidus. Everything in the hotel is so elegant and delicate taste, in a place like this to do what else than to get married?

We had an unforgettable wedding for us and for all our guests and so did the fact that you had too much effort for this. It was very difficult to sort out one by one what the hotel owners, Mrs. Burçak, Mr. Ömür and all of your staff did for our wedding. All of your staff seemed almost to be the members of our family. But I must say without any hesitation, that we should definetely get married in Calidus already, and if we had a matter of time we should have waited even for a year to get married in Calidus

We were very,very happy to know you.

We wish to make more nice and unforgettable weddings and holidays in Calidus.

Kind regards from İstanbul

Ülkü & Roni

Çarşamba, 17 Aralık 2014

Valuable Members of Calidus Hotel,
Our children, when they wanted to make their wedding in Calidus Hotel, Assos, I had on my site and I was mad about them without. At the moment we entered the hotel and until we left, it was impossible to forget Mr. Celal, Rıfat and Hasan and also including the whole stuff were so close to us.
This paradise is just around the corner and people like lace in the deepest thanks to Turhan Family.
We thank to the Front Desk Manager Mrs. Burçak, to my brother Hakan and his stuff, and also to the dear Chief Cook.
I hope that in the future in this paradise we will be together again. I wish you health and happiness. At the deep affection, I offer you my thanks.

Nedim Beraha

Çarşamba, 17 Aralık 2014

I spent 4 days in Calidus Hotel, the address of quiet holiday, within healthy, happy, peacefull and loving environment. The peacefull atmosphere of the hotel intertwined with nature, delicious food, smiling faces of the hotel employees that do not compromise on quality, friendly and loving conversations make people say: ’ There are also these goodies in my beautiful country !’.

Dr. Meral Avcı Delipınar

Çarşamba, 17 Aralık 2014


I’d like to thank again to Calidus Hotel whith  a wonderfull decoration that was  a work of a starry-eyed and delicate soul and to the very kind staff of Calidus Hotel.
I’m very glad that I met Mr. Celal Turhan and his lovely wife.
I hope to see you again Calidus !
Best regards,

Tuğçe Yılmaz

Çarşamba, 17 Aralık 2014

Going on a vacation from vacation with exactly these expectations met expectations on the way back to be rare situation, having more to be more rare… At the end of the four-days-period that we spent in Calidus we experienced that rare situation. Every time when we looked around we discovered a new subtlety. We saw everyone who  Works in Calidus was able to achieve to be polite and distanced, to be friendly and intimate. We felt like guests, not customers. We enjoyed swimming in a sea of crystal and spending time among the olive trees. We liked the room furnished with the themes of outside, with all kinds of comfort very much. And we rested completely.  We thank to everyone who works in and for Calidus as they show that in a time of tranquility in the living area there can be serenity, aesthetics and courtesy.

Zeynep İnce – Evren Altınel

Çarşamba, 17 Aralık 2014

Calidus provides a wonderful holiday by using all the details of holiday life and having natural and historical value and beauty of life on ship.
I appreciate Celal and Rıfat Turhan Brothers for realizing this beautiful structure and this beautiful life. I also appreciate all the staff for their excellent service.
Can Gürzap
Player, Director, Author

Çarşamba, 17 Aralık 2014

Between 20-22 June 2012 our firm realized an organization for our 81 members of sales departments in Calidus Hotel. We had meetings in two half days and made outdoor activities in two half days. Calidus Hotel was private only for us during these two days. Covered restaurant built from stone was turned into a meeting hall for us, in the garden a special open buffet was set up for us. All parts of the large garden full of olive trees were prepared for our outdoor activities. In the evenings, we set up a music system at the bar on the seaside and organized parties. Mr. Celal, Mr, Rıfat, Mss. Burçak and the whole Calidus crew were very gentle, nice and hospitable. They all took care of us one to one. They noticed all the details we hadn’t recognized before and they provided us a wonderfull stay in the hotel. We thank to Calidus for being a great host of such a great organization and for hospitality. We hope to meet in Calidus again.

Banu Solar  Duyuldu
Unilever / National Accounts Manager

Çarşamba, 17 Aralık 2014

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